Brooklyn's Best Venues for Contempory
AND Traditional Music


First Acoustics is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in Brooklyn. We depend on charitatable donations, in addition to ticket and merchandise sales, to help support our concerts and other operations. If you would like to help, please click on the button below. All donations are deductible from taxable income to the extent permitted by law.

For Performers

First Acoustics generally books in January for the season that begins the following September. If you are interested in performing at First Acoustics, either as a headliner or opening act, please send a CD of representative current material with your bio to: First Acoustics Concert Series, 308 Stratford Road, Brooklyn, NY 11218.

Our house concert venue has a nominal capacity of 35. We are open to presenting from time to time in other, larger venues. First Acoustics particularly values performers that have a track record of attracting good paying audiences in metro New York venues and are energetic and creative in promoting their own performances and turning out ticket sales.

To see who has played here in the past, please go to About Us on this website and look at the "Performance History" in the right column of that page.